Friday, September 18, 2009

So what's in a wiki?

Well I learned that a wiki (means "quick" in Hawaii) is great for a group of people to collaborate their thoughts &/or ideas. One of the wikis I looked at was ALA Wikis #14 Every Child Ready to Read. It appeared to be a great place for librarians place their ideas & suggestions. Another I looked at was the SJCPL (St. Joseph County Public Library System) Subject Guides. I clicked on the Arts & Entertainment & discovered several interesting things. Not only were there links to the library collection, staff favorites & magazines, but also local attractions & events, dance & theatre, clubs, cafes & live music, and music & movies.

I think that a wiki would be helpful for committees in setting up new procedures or policies. One that I know that is currently in the process of being set up is a wiki concerning a possible floating collection for TCCL.

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